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Shakira Hobbs uses engineering and sustainability to understand complex problems.  As an NSF IGERT-SUN fellow, Shakira was awarded the Competitive Innovations Fund to investigate strategic waste management options for a rural village in Belize. She has presented her work internationally in several countries, and has been featured in Women of Color Magazine, “Today’s STEM Leaders, Tomorrow’s Innovator”. She earned her B.S. degree from University of Maryland, College Park, M.S. from Arizona State University and Ph.D. from Clemson University in Civil Engineering. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky in Civil Engineering.

President & Executive Director
Vice President

Evvan Morton is a Sustainable Engineering PhD student at Arizona State University. She is also pursuing a certificate in Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society.  Evvan received her Bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.  She is also a National Science Foundation IGERT-SUN Fellow and a Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholar. Evvan's research focuses on creating a waste management paradigm for carbon dioxide emissions. This includes developing a sustainable carbon permitting program to increase carbon sequestration and balance the carbon budget. Her other projects include developing waste-to-energy strategies using anaerobic digestion in Belize and analyzing the food-water-energy nexus concerning concentrating solar power in Morocco. Upon graduation, Evvan plans to work for a government agency to develop and integrate decision tools for transitioning to future sustainable energy development. Evvan's goal is to bridge the gap between science and decision making to create better informed energy policies and increase diplomacy between the developed and developing world.

Barbara Astmann is a graduate student at the University of Virginia. Her research focuses on water quality, and she is working on developing a model to predict human exposure to herbicides in drinking water from non-point source pollution.  Barbara earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University, where she was an undergraduate researcher involved in waste to energy, energy efficiency, and water quality research projects. 

Director of Communications

Shannon Roberson is a May 2018 graduate from Clemson University where she received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering with a emphasis in environmental engineering and science. As a student, Shannon served as a undergrad researcher, new student orientation team leader, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department ambassador and member of the Clemson University Tour Guide Association. She currently works as a chemical consultant engineer in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Director of Outreach

Gregory Mitchell is an Associate at Morgan Stanley and is currently on the firm's collateral management team. He earned his B.S. degree from University of Maryland, College Park in Physical Sciences; specializing in electrical engineering, mathematics, and geology. As a physical sciences major, Greg has been able to effectively translate his technical background into the finance world; taking the initiative to improve existing processes through automation. His interest in sustainability came from an Eagle Scout project he led at Fort Washington National Park and Greg is determined to help fulfill BioGal's mission. 

Director of Finance