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Disseminating Research

BioGals' founder Dr. Shakira Hobbs discusses her research on Covid-19 and sustainable development and highlights ways that food waste and wastewater can offer answers to our questions about public health and renewable energy.

Live Community Events

In an effort to to extend our connection beyond 6 feet during these strange times, we've started hosting live educational events to engage with our community. Join the fun and learn about sustainability!


Congrats to the BioGals scholarship recipients!

The Joan Andrews scholarship will fund Ashanti Thompson's tuiton for one academic year of high school. Ashanti plans to use her high school education to give back to her community and follow her dream of being a teacher. 

The Books from BioGals scholarship will cover the cost of books for Vianney Abbleyne Menzies' high school classes. Vianney aspires to one day be a doctor and care for the health and wellbeing of her community.

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Sustainability Series

Join us as we learn about different ways to incorporate sustainability into our lives; from small changes like eating a plant based meal to big ones like living off grid!