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To engage our BioGals members in fulfilling our mission, we hold general body meetings and committee meetings. Our general body meetings allow new members to learn more about BioGals and decide which of our committees they would like to get involved in. We discuss the progress of our initiatives, share announcements, and learn new skills from guest speakers to enhance our work. Outside of general body meetings, members can attend committee meetings to complete tasks assigned by their committee leader. Members who join the Team Engagement committee will help organize general body meetings, arrange guest speakers, and help new members get engaged in a committee.


BioGals values collaboration with current professionals in the STEM fields and those working in industry. Our main goal of creating corporate partnerships is to provide programs for those looking to learn more about integrating sustainable practices in their work and projects. We also seek to partner with organizations that have a commitment to social equity, environmental sustainability, and community engagement, and are interested in contributing financially to BioGals.


Fundraising is an integral part to furthering our mission. Not only do adequate funds allow BioGals to plan ahead, but they also help us fulfill our goals and objectives. Fundraising allows us to engage, inform, and inspire individuals, businesses, foundations, and communities to attract dedicated volunteers and supporters. We are working to position ourselves so that we have a footprint in every country; giving everyone the opportunity to benefit from our efforts. With a consistent funding stream, BioGals will have a global impact. Members of the fundraising committee will help organize fundraising events and manage giving platforms. 


Public Relations efforts serve to raise awareness of the BioGals mission and goals. Our Public Relations committee has three goals: promoting the growth of BioGals, engaging the public in fundraising efforts, and general dissemination of information to the public. To support growth, we will generate interest in the organization, grow our following, spread information about opportunities to get involved, and recruit talented individuals interested in supporting our mission. To support fundraising efforts, we will engage with the public during fundraising events and direct them to fundraising platforms. Lastly, creative and interesting content will be used consistently to keep our audience engaged and attract new followers with news, updates, and relevant information.


BioGals is an organization built on volunteer support for project development, design and implementation. It is through our volunteer efforts that we create tangible impacts that support the communities with whom we partner. Members will be aligned with projects that best suit their skillset and passion, and build a pipeline to receive new members and include them within our BioGals network. As part of recruitment and training, this team will outline a strategy for engaging and equipping members who are dedicated to the mission of BioGals, have a commitment to the project process, and will follow through to help meet community goals.


BioGals has grown out of a desire to provide opportunities for womxn of color to work on sustainability projects globally. A majority of our projects have a strong research focus to advance scientific understanding and enhance human life. Our projects are driven by community members to increase adoption of technology and ownership. In the past, we have collaborated with universities such as: Arizona State University, University of Belize, Clemson University, University of Virginia, and University of Kentucky. Our research projects challenge our members' understanding of fundamental STEM concepts and theories. Our members co-create solutions to real world problems in resource limited environments and make lasting connections with global partners. Members of the Projects Development & Implementation committee will organize BioGals projects and coordinate project priorities based on requests from communities and organizations. Committee members will also assist in creating various academic and community partnerships to disseminate findings. 


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Assessing the beliefs of Black women
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Sittee River Village's Educators
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Summer Camp
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Waste Audit
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